Yinka Osobu of CMC Interiors Nigeria

In a country where there are more males being entrepreneurs, most times it is a pleasure meeting women who are at the helms of affairs in their organizations. The furniture business is Which has predominantly been run by men, has seen a growing number of women participants and Yinka Osobu is one of them, not allowing herself to be limited by the male stereotypes.

Who is Mrs Yinka Osobu?

She is the lady behind the big desk at CMC interiors, a leading furniture company based in Lagos.


Born in England to a Nigerian father and a Swiss mother, she got her B.A in Economics in the USA with a minor in English and Sociology. She also holds a Psychology degree but on returning to Nigeria in the mid-nineties, it was a challenge for her to practice Psychology. Being inspired by her mother who had a background in interiors, she wondered “what could I do with myself if I was given an interior job”

CMC and the future

In the course of time Yinka has had to educate herself in the furniture production business and that of running a furniture factor. The search for excellence and knowledge has led her to attend many seminars and exhibitions. Although her business was established in Abuja, she moved to Lagos after four years, this she says was the best decision from an economic standpoint. So she produces the furniture in Lagos and sends them to Abuja.

The idea of competition is welcomed by Yinka as she is not scared of competition. “No I am never scared of competition because competition is very good for the customers, it is very good for business people because it makes you innovative, it makes you creative and adds to you” (Sun Newspaper). Yinka believes her staying relevant in the furniture business is as a result of fulfilling clients’ needs and also the trust she has earned over the years.  Her furniture may not come particularly cheap but you have the guarantee that they will last for years to come. She boasts that the reason her clients come back is not because the furniture is broken and cannot be used anymore but to change the fabric or the colour.

What is next for Yinka

In the future Yinka Osobu plans to have the CMC Deluxe in their new space in Lekki. The CMC deluxe will cater for customers who know what they want but don’t have the extra ‘effizy’ on their furniture. She is also building a new factory in Arepo Industrial Estate, Ogun State. Finally Yinka’s long term goal is to go into children’s entertainment. This she says is her ‘old age project’.

Source: Sun Newspaper


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